Studies in the chemistry of some pyridine derivatives.

by Zakaria bin Bahari

Publisher: University of East Anglia in Norwich

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Thesis (Ph.D.) - University of East Anglia, School of Chemical Sciences.

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[pt. 1. ] Properties and reactions of pyridine and its hydrogenated derivatives / R.A. Barnes --Synthetic and natural sources of the pyridine ring / Frederick Brody and Philip R. Ruby --[pt. 2. ] Quaternary pyridinium compounds / Elliott N. Shaw --Pyridine N-oxides / Elliott N. Shaw --Aklylpyridines and arylpyridines / Leon E. Tenenbaum. A series of novel 1,2,4-triazolo[4,3-a]pyridine derivatives containing hydrazone moiety were designed and synthesized from 2,3-dichloropyridine, hydrazine hydrate by multi-step reactions under microwave irradiation condition, and their structures were characterized by FT IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, 19F NMR, MS and elemental analysis. In order to investigate the biological activity of novel 1,2,4-triazole compounds, seventeen novel 1,2,4-triazole derivatives containing pyridine moiety were synthesized under microwave assistant condition by multi-step reactions. The structures were characterized by . 8. Anjali Mahadevan (MS) "Synthesis and Antioxidant Studies of Some Pyridine Connected α,β- unsaturated Acrylamides as Potential FAB Inhibitors" (April ) 7. Rashmi Sinha (MS) "Synthesis and photoswitching studies of azobenzene based molecular transporter and .

properties of pyridine to some alkyl- and alkenylpyridine bases. Table 1. Physical Properties of Pyridine Physical property Value enthalpy of fusion at ¡±C, kJ/mol b enthalpy of vaporization, kJ/molb at 25°C °C pK C, kJ/mol PYRIDINE AND PYRIDINE DERIVATIVES Vol The starting 1-phenylbutane-1,3-dione (1) was used as key intermediate for the synthesis of several new thiophene and pyrazole derivatives. The newly synthesized compounds were evaluated for in vitro cytotoxicity against an Ehrlich ascites cells and in vivo cytotoxicity for compound 10d using EAC assay and 5-fluorouracil is used as reference drug.   Azimi, Kaveh. Synthesis and characterization of aminoborane derivatives of N-silylphosphoranimines. Barager, Howard J. Preparation and some chemistry of α-halo and α-diazo sulfoxides. Barnard, Gareth Denly. NMR studies of . Furthermore, pyridine is an important class of heterocyclic ring, which have attracted attention in past few years. The pyridine nucleus exists in numerous natural products and is extremely important in the chemistry of biological systems, such as antioxidant activity [27], antimicrobial activity [28], acetylcholinesterase inhibitors [29], antibacterial activity [30,31], anticancer activity.

Pyridine is a six-membered N-heterocyclic molecule. It is characterized as relatively strong Brønsted basic [1, 2] and consequently its corresponding pyridinium salt as a relatively weak conjugate ne can serve as a solvent of high donor number [1, 3].Pyridines compared to carbocyclic analogs have higher nitrogen contents and thus are capable of releasing sufficient delocalized. synthesize a novel several heterocyclic compounds utilizing thieno[2,3-b]pyridine as a skeleton through various chemical reactions. The synthesized compounds bear rings that are either directly attached to the thieno[2,3-b]pyridine as in compounds 4 to 6 and 9 or connected through an amide bridge as compounds 2, 3a–b, 7, and 8.   6 Haack T, Fattori R, Napoletano M et al. Phthalazine PDE IV inhibitors: conformational study of some 6-methoxy-1,4-disubstituted derivatives. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 13(14), – ().Crossref, Medline, CAS, Google Scholar; 7 Shan W-J, Huang L, Zhou Q et al. Dual β2-adrenoceptor agonists-PDE4 inhibitors for the treatment of asthma and.   Free Online Library: Synthesis, spectroscopic, and electrochemical studies on some new copper(II) complexes containing 2-{[(Z)-phenyl (pyridineyl) methylidene] amino} benzenethiol and monodentate ligands.(Research Article, Report) by "International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry"; Chemical synthesis Methods Copper compounds Chemical properties Electric properties Production .

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From the Publisher A continuation of the treatise describing the Studies in the chemistry of some pyridine derivatives. book chemistry of pyridine derivates. Includes chapters on the synthetic and natural sources of the pyridine ring, the carbocyclic annelated pyridines, macrocyclic pyridines, and reviews of pyridine chemistry appearing from through   Buy Studies on pyrido pyridine derivatives on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders Studies on pyrido pyridine derivatives: Shah, Nirav, Maheta, Rupali, Joshi, Hitendra: : Books.

Many ring systems (such as pyridines and oxazoles) are treated in distinct books, each consisting of separate volumes or parts dealing with different individual topics.

With all authors are recognized authorities, the Chemistry of Heterocyclic Chemistry is considered worldwide as the indispensable resource for organic, bioorganic, and medicinal chemists.

Studies in the chemistry of some pyridine derivatives Author: Bahari, Z. ISNI: Awarding Body: University of East Anglia Current Institution: University of East Anglia Date of Award: Availability of Full Text: Access from EThOS.

A New Approach for the Synthesis of Some Pyridine and Pyridone Derivatives O. Hishmat 1, M. Zohair 2 and J. Miky 2 1 National Research Center, Dokki, Cairo, by: 3. The chemistry of pyridazine and of its benzo analogs is presented in detail in several books and monographs. In addition to the older books which cover pyridazines 〈BMI, BMI〉, cinnolines 〈BMI, BMI, 53HC(5)3〉 and phthalazines 〈53HC(5)69, BMI, BMI〉, the literature has been updated to mid for pyridazines 〈73HC(28)1〉.

synthesis of a series of novel pyridine derivatives by making use of Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions. These novel pyridine derivatives were fu rther explored by the co mputational studies using DFT methods and their biological activities were also examined in the course of this study.

Results and Discussion Synthesis. Design, Synthesis, Molecular Modeling Study, and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Novel Pyrano[2,3‐ b ]pyridine and Pyrrolo[2,3‐ b ]pyrano[‐ d ]pyridine Derivatives Nadia A.

Elkanzi Chemistry Department, College of Science, Jouf University, P.O. Box, Sakakah, Saudi Arabia. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry55 DOI: /jhet Naglaa F. Mahmoud, Ahmed El-Sewedy. Multicomponent Reactions, Solvent-Free Synthesis of 2-Aminoarylsubstituted Pyridine-3,5-dicarbonitrile Derivatives, and Corrosion Inhibitors Evaluation.

Journal of Chemistry, DOI: // Pyridine derivatives have occupied a unique position in the field of medicinal chemistry. Some of them constitute an important class of antitumor compounds. 2-Aminocyanopyridines have been identified to possess antibacterial, antimicrobial, [17, 18] antifungal, cardiotonic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antilung cancer activities.

amides derivatives of dihydropyrimidines (Hsp70 modulators), could inhibit the replication of the pathogenic P. falciparum stages in human red blood cells. Anti-microbial drugs Some Biginelli multi-functionalized compound like isoxazole amines i.e.

1-arylmethyl-3,6-bis-(5-methylisoxazolyl) Abstract Two series of novel derivatives of pyridine‐2,6‐dicarboxylic acid with potential as polydentate ligands were synthesized from pyridine‐2,6‐dicarboxylic acid.

All new compounds were characterized by NMR, MS, IR, and EA. This paper describes the synthesis of a series of new N-arylpiperazine derivatives of pyridine and 2-pyridone. The in vitro pharmacological study indicated that all of the compounds possess affinity towards α u -adrenoceptors, with exception of 6d, and are selective over α u receptor.

The most potent compound 5f displayed fold α u /uα u selectivity with K. Abstract The molecular behavior of some pyridine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors of iron and aluminum in acid media, were studied quantum electrochemically.

The calculations were made for three conditions; isolated inhibitor molecule, metal cluster, and. SYNTHESIS OF SOME PYRIDINE, PYRIMIDINE AND CYCLOHEXENONE DERIVATIVES AS ANTIBACTERIAL AGENTS Nehad A.

Abdel Latif 1,2,*, Manal M. Saeed 3, Nesreen S. Ahmed 4 5, Rasha Z. Batran6 and Nadia R. El-Mouhty, 7 1 Associate Professor, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Taif University, Taif, Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

b]pyridine derivatives”, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemis, – 5. Adel M. Attia and Hanaa A. Mansour, “synthesis of some pyfudine ribosides and their. Pyridine is a unique aromatic ring. Although pyridines are used industrially, pyridine moieties are present in many natural products, such as vitamins, coenzymes, and alkaloids, and also in many drugs and pesticides.

Pyridine moieties are often used in drugs because of their characteristics such as basicity, water solubility, stability, and hydrogen bond-forming ability, and their small. In this work, we report an efficient, one-pot and three-component synthesis of novel coumarin fused pyridine derivatives 4a–g the mixture of 4-hydroxycoumarins and ammonium acetate in DMF gave the corresponding 4-aminocoumarins, which subsequently went through Michael addition–cyclocondensation with α-azidochalcone derivatives to produce our desired products in high.

The most important nitrogen containing heterocycles of pyridine containing substituted phenyl azetidineones have found pharmacological application such as antibiotics and these compounds also have practical importance. The structure of the new derivatives was confirmed by the spectral data and elemental analyses.

Out of five new derivatives, three were revealed mild to moderate activity. Gong-Feng Zou, Shi-Qiang Zhang, Jia-Xin Wang, Wei-Wei Liao, Asymmetric Construction of Functionalized 1,2-Dihydropyridine and Pyridine Derivatives with Adjacent Stereocenters via a Unified Metal-Free Catalytic Approach, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, /6b, 81, 13, (), ().

texts All Books All Texts latest This Just In Smithsonian Libraries FEDLINK Pyridine And Its Derivatives Part II by Klingsberg, Erwin. Publication date Topics NATURAL SCIENCES, Chemistry. Crystallography.

Mineralogy, Practical laboratory chemistry. Preparative and experimental chemistry Publisher Interscience Publishers, Inc. The energetics of protonation and hydrogen-bonded complex formation between the base and its conjugated acid (homoconjugation) of pyridine N-oxide and its selected derivatives was investigated by means of Restricted Hartree-Fock (RHF) and Møller-Plesset (MP2) ab initio calculations.

It has been found that introducing the d polarization functions (the G* basis set) is required to reproduce. Title:Synthesis, Nematicidal Activity and Docking Study of Novel PyrazoleCarboxamide Derivatives Against Meloidogyne incognita VOLUME: 16 ISSUE: 1 Author(s):Long Cheng, Wen Zhao, Zhong-Hua Shen, Tian-Ming Xu, Hong-Ke Wu, Wei-Li Peng* and Xing-Hai Liu* Affiliation:College of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, HangzhouCollege of Chemical Engineering.

The binding of pyridine methyl derivatives (2- 3- and 4-methylpyridine) to horse heart ferricytochrome c (cyt c) by displacing methionine was studied by 1 H NMR spectroscopy to elucidate the effects of the different methyl substitution positions on the affinity and kinetics of binding to cytochrome c and the hyperfine-shifted NMR signals of the ligand–cytochrome c complex.

Pyridine and its derivatives are the important chemical compounds with tremendous applications in the various fields. In this review we have summarized the medicinal and non-medicinal uses of. Pyridine derivatives have biological and pharmaceutical antithyroid, and diuretic action.

Some pyridine complexes act as active catalysts for olefin polymerization. Recently we have reported the reactions of Principles and Application of Organotransition Metal Chemistry, University Science Book, Sausalito, Claif.

A series of new Schiff bases derived from 2-aminopyridenes and various aromatic aldehydes have been synthesized and thoroughly investigated by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy. The imines were found to exist as only a single E-isomer at ambient temperature.

Interestingly, 1H- and 13C-NMR chemical shifts of the (CH=N) amino group are affected by the type of substituent group (X) on the aryl ring. In view of the interest in the activity spectrum and profile of quinoline and pyridine, and in continuation of our work on the synthesis of new compounds of pharmacological and biological interest [], we describe herein the preparation and Doking study of some new quinoline and pyridine derivatives (6a-h) Material an Methods.

General Methods. The kinetics of oxidation of N, N -dimethyl- N’ -(pyridinyl) formamidine (Py-F) by cerium(IV) was studied spectrophotometrically in aqueous perchloric acid solutions at a constant ionic strength of mol dm -3 and at 20°C.

The reaction showed first order dependence with respect to [Ce(IV)] and less than unit order with respect to [Py-F]. The presence of the ring nitrogen defines the reactivity of pyridine derivatives. After 60 years of research into biodegradation of pyridine derivatives, some themes have emerged; however, new discoveries continue to change our understanding of how pyridines are degraded in the environment.

A series of novel pyridine-bridged 2,6-bis-carboxamide N-β-glycosides and Schiff's bases has been prepared starting from 2,6-bis-carboxamide pyridine hydrazide, which on treatment with appropriate monosaccharides, aromatic or heterocyclic aldehydes, and indoline-2,3-dione derivatives afforded the corresponding sugar hydrazones and pyridine.

The design and syntheses of several novel pyrazole derivatives (2, 5, 6 and 7) and pyrazole derivatives (3 and 4) containing thiazole moiety via by ethyl β -(p -chlorophenyl)–α-cyanoacrylate (1) and thiosemicarbazide as starting materials.

Pyrazole derivatives (3 and 4) containing thiazole moiety were synthesized via > cyclization of pyrazole derivative (2) with bromomethyl .Pyridines are heterocyclic six-membered aromatic compounds containing a single nitrogen atom. Pyridines are a class of important heterocycles and appear in many naturally occurring bioactive compounds, pharmaceutical molecules, and chiral ligands in polysubstituted forms.

The pyridine moiety is present in countless molecules with applications as varied as catalysis, drug design, molecular.